1 Gram Rosin, crushed up into little pieces
1 drop Humectant P-20
10 – 15 ml (1 teaspoon) azeotropic alcohol
Can be mixed at different concentrations based off of use (makes for thicker or thinner layers)
A long lasting oil can be added, such as 1 drop of machine oil to make a stickier solution when dry.
mix and let the rosin slowly dissolve.
can be removed with alcohol on a rag

80      Red Iron oxide
10      Cobalt Carbonate
10      Chromium Oxide
2      Gerstley Borate (below cone 6)

1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
1 cup of warm water
Place the sodium bicarbonate and water solution into a shallow plate.
Soak the receipts in solution for 5 min.
Carefully hang dry paper, or place in between blotting paper and press flat to dry.
Updates coming on long term reactions on paper this was experimented on with.  (4/29/2019)

1 1/4 cup damp toilet paper that has been shredded apart
1 cup drywall compound (not DAP brand, walmart brand is best)
3/4 cup PVA glue (elmers glue all)
1/2-1 cup white flour
9.5 ml of Optiphen (preservative to prevent rot)
Mix until the desired thickness is achieved, It is advisable to make a thin and thick batch to allow for more versatility.

This recipe should be resistant to rot.

Original recipe sourced from

12ml azeotropic alcohol (foodsafe)
10 drop essential oil (foodsafe)