This page is under construction, this project will need a lot more describing to make sense.

Impossible Flavors in the overacting title I give to three closely related flavor projects. The first, as described above is my Botanical Flavor project. These are concentrated flavors much like vanilla extract that are made from essential oils and formulated myself. The idea of these flavors is to make a highly unusual flavor that can be widely applied to many different foods. Very similar are my Synthetic Flavors, these function in exactly the same way but are made from entirely synthetic means and no not have natural analogs. The third and final category are flavors that are not representative of one specific source or method but instead are like a recipe in of themselves. These are made from a mix of sources, including commercial flavors made outside of myself. The third class are intended to be akin to a new kind of flavor profile that is representative of something that doesn’t exist, in either the synthetic or natural realm. This third class can be in the form of a concentrated flavor but also in the form of various syrups, beverage additives and even alcohols.

You can hardly even tell what is going on here with this photo.