Nonverbal Communication

Spring 2015

Typologies 2 ½, 2015, Iridescent Cellophane, Foamcore, Acrylic Paint, Entomology Pins, Glass Microspheres, Clear Acrylic Gell, Gold Foil, Plastic Lacing Cord
Biological and Electronic Specimens, 2015, LED Displays, Black PETG, Synthetic Fur, Wood, Foamcore, Acrylic Paint, Polymer Clay, Birch Bark, Entomology Pins, LED's, 3 Volt DC Converter, Wire, Iridescent Cellophane, Vetiver Essential Oil, Terrasol
Word Zine, 2015, 3.5 x 3.5 inches, Book with accompanied audio

Audio that played during the show.

Mineral Specimens, 2016, Polymer Clay, Acrylic Display Boxes, Foamcore, Iridescent Cellophane, Acrylic Paint, Mica
Stillframe from Signifiers, 2015, Digital Screen, Acrylic Paint, Foamcore, Pigment, Video

Signifiers, 2015, Digital Screen, Video