The Juicerina Ensemble is a collaborative set of ocarinas made by me and Michael Parker.  Numbering over 100 instruments, the Juicerinas are used in performance art pieces that engage the players bodies and to produce soundscapes that are conversations with the environments around the performance space.

Shown are some early prototypes

Stolen Voice

Stolen Voice is the name given to an ocarina ensemble that was derived from the Juicerina instruments. In this case the ocarinas are made to be as ergonomic and functional in their playing ability as possible. The instruments are pitch fluid and capable of playing a very wide pitch range. I frequently use these instruments to recreate the sounds of birds and insects as well as to play microtonal works.

Turbulence Flutes

Using the same internal structure as is found on early Mesoamerican instruments the turbulence flutes generate sound from the chaotic movement of air in their internal chambers. These instruments generate a sound in-between sounding like blowing wind and a hissing sound. Used to make a ‘wind’ instrument choir.

Shown are the incomplete instruments shortly after being fired and before final construction.

River Rocks

Consisting of over 130 shakers, the River Rock Ensemble is used to recreate the sound of a flowing river with the use of many shakers being shaken at the same time. Generating a continuous noise these instruments are used by players to form an amorphous procession that traces the path of literal or symbolic rivers.


Poorly Behaved Tubes and Interference Flute

Shown from left to right-
Phlegmatic Baby Flute
Alto Screamer
Slide Overtone Flute
Soprano Screamer
Arcade Machine
Dial-up 1
Race Car
Interference Flute (Below)

Not Shown-
Screamer Model 1
Tenor Screamer
Bass Screamer
Contrabass Slide Crumhorn

Perforated Ocarina

Not Photographed-

Lip Tubes
Painted Pitch Fluid Ocarinas
Long Screamer Tubes
Contrabass Slide Crumhorn
Slide Oboe
Water Flutes
Box Zither
3rd Bridge Lutes

Animal Voices and Turbulance Flute Prototypes

Animal Voices include-
Screeching Bird
Big Cat
Cow Horn

‘Wind’ Instrument Prototype
Shrieking Flute Prototype

Verious Daxophone Tongues


Early Hand Held Pipe Organ
Some Early Woodwinds, the Reeds are Missing in Image

Not Photographed

Ceramic Horns
Double Ocarinas
Double Reeds
Pan Flutes
Ceramic Dulcian

In 2012 I made many 12 Hole Ocarinas
A Prototype Ceramic Dulcian