Hazy Reflections

The majority of the work from Hazy Reflections was made throughout 2014. The show was my thesis show for my undergraduate degree at Cal State Long Beach.

The show is categorized by the use of small platforms that set up a mode of display and interaction for the sculptures.

There are multiple mini series displayed including , a series of hard geometric and mechanical forms, a series of bacterial like organic forms, a shard series of broken fragments, and a series about liquid behavior.

I worked with ceramics and painted with acrylics that I had formulated myself. I only used small amounts of other materials.

The works that stand out to me most are displayed here at the top of the page. My interest in fibers and other materials can be seen highlighted in these pieces, and this series marks the start of me using non ceramics materials in my work. At the time I was only making visual art and only working with ceramics as a medium.

Therianthropy, 2004, Ceramic Bassoon, Paint, Synthetic Fur, Cotton Thread
Time | Sound Phantoms, 2004, Cast Resin, Silver keys, Cotton Thread, Painted Ceramics
Queer Identity, 2004, Painted Ceramics, Glitter
Golden Machine Fragments,2004, Painted Ceramics, 18K Gold Foil
Wind, 2004, Painted Ceramics, Synthetic Fur
3 Dimensional Line Drawings, 2004, Painted ceramics
Formations, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Accretion, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Proliferate, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Petri Dishes, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Musical Instrument Shards, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Arterial systems, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Tessellation Rearrangement, 2014, Glazed and Painted Ceramics
Oil, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Stacked Dumplings, 2004, Painted Ceramics
Three States, 2014, Painted Ceramics
Topography, 2004, Painted Ceramics, Melted Acrylic Beads