River Rock Ensemble, 2017
Cone 4, mixed sandblased clay bodies
This set of over 125 rocks are all ceramic shakers that are shaken together in large scale performances where the players reenact the flow and sound of a river. This set of instruments has scores written for large groups as well as individual interactions.

Stolen Voice Ensemble, 2016
Cone 3 Earthenware
This set of instruments are microtonal ocarinas, and played together as a musical ensemble. Many of my compositions are centered on being performed on these instruments as a set.

Scent Bell: Stone, 2017
Mixed media and cone 5 stoneware
The scent bells are ceramic vessels that are filled with scents where the viewer can smell them like flowers. Each contains scents that are made from Southern California flora that I collected and steam distilled.

Growth, 2015
Underglaze, mica, and mixed dry ceramic materials mixed with acrylic on bisqueware.


Mounted orchids, 2015
Mixed media on painted bisqueware.

Juicerina Prototypes, 2015
Cone 10, Copper tin glaze on porcelain
These early prototypes led into the large scale collaborative Juicerina project with artist Michael Parker.

Selections from Juicernias at the Getty, 2016
Here are some images of the Juicerinas being performed at the Getty Center. The large scale performance scores involve both sound based and visual based interactions with the artwork and buildings of the Getty Center.

Liquid Metal, 2015
Acrylic and mica on bisqueware.

Stacked Dumplings, 2015
Acrylic and glass microspheres on bisqueware.