Hello! This is a portfolio page of my drawing and painting work.


Cats House, 2017, 18" x 18" Paint pens, crayons, pencil, lenticular cat stickers on painted wood base.
Hand drawn diagrams of musical instruments on hand made paper.
Dot work drawings on sculpted paint.
This one of the pastel drawings of hands from my series Prehend.

Here are some geometric drawings I made using watercolors.

Small wheel thrown bowl painted with crayons and paint pens.
Working with hand made paper, I did a set of codices depicting stylized hand gestures from my series Prehend.
Hand drawn and laminated maps from my series Tender Forest.
Here is a set of hand painted pins.


I have an extensive sent of tea tins all with custom drawings I made for each tea in the set.

Hand drawn and painted cowboy boots.
The effect is made by many layers of drawings using paint pens that is finished with a foodsafe varnish.
Here is an example of the painted sufaces I am applying to my musical instruments.


I have a long standing habit of working out ideas in notebooks. I think these can act as a good demonstration of how drawing often interacts with all of the work that I make, all art I make starts in one form or another in a notebook.